Active Research Projects

Carbon fixation in future oceans

Photosynthetic marine microorganisms, or phytoplankton, use carbon dioxide to build their biomass. When phytoplankton die and sink, they transfer this carbon to the deep ocean, sequestering it away from the atmosphere. This process, known as the biological pump, has tempered the effect of climate change through the absorption of anthropogenic carbon dioxide.


November 09, 2023

C-CoMP Collaboration

Sarah has been named a Faculty Fellow through the Center for Chemical Currencies of a Microbial Planet (C-CoMP). C-CoMP promotes a mechanistic understanding of the chemical currencies in marine microbial ecosystems in the context of a changing planet and through increased participation in ocean sciences. The lab is thrilled to join the C-CoMP community!

October 25, 2023

Ben Acosta joins the lab

We are pleased to welcome Ben Acosta as our new Lab Manager. Ben has extensive research experience in both academia and industry, most recently joining us from the Boston-based biotech BlueRock Therapeutics. In addition to his role as lab manager, Ben will be leading phytoplankton culturing efforts on the project Carbon fixation in future oceans: experimental adaptation of algal and cyanobacterial CO2-concentrating mechanisms to a changing climate. Welcome, Ben!